Loren Martin, President


Specializing in chiropractic transactions for 30 years, he has successfully handled over 425 practice transactions and is nationally recognized as an expert in the appraisal and sale of chiropractic practices.


In addition to his demonstrated ability to value practices and successfully complete complex transactions, Loren Martin maintains a number of licenses and long-standing industry memberships, including:


  • National Practice Consultant
  • Minnesota Real Estate Broker
  • Wisconsin Real Estate Broker
  • Illinois Business Broker
  • Member of MCA, ICS, WCA, among other associations
  • Services are provided on a limited national basis.
Results-Driven Approach
Our commitment to client satisfaction has allowed us to boast an impressive closing success rate. Through the years we have learned how to:

- Effectively network buyers with sellers
- Accurately appraise practice values
- Draft contracts
- Facilitate and propose creative solutions for equitable negotiations
- Close transactions on time

Practice Opportunities' clients will attest to the truly unique experience they receive. Some of our clients have worked with other brokers only to find the depth of work provided was not aligned to their expectations, and consequently found Practice Opportunities to be a first-class service provider.

We work hard for you. It is our standing commitment.
We pride ourselves on our adherance to the principles and values of hard work, honesty, integrity, building positive and long-lasting relationships with clients, and maintaining strict client confidentiality.

Practice Opportunities' reputation as an industry-leading service provider is an on-going result of our ability to understand client needs, research and find feasible solutions, and deliver timely results that meet or exceed our clients' expectations.
Our Team
Loren Martin and supportive staff all share a common purpose: to find the best solution for each and every one of our customers. You can be sure our communication and processes are consistent with the values and principles that guide our business, and are in your best interests.

Each of us brings unique skill sets, talents, and abilities to the chiropractic brokerage business -- it is this special mix that allows us to work effectively on your behalf.
Practice Sale
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Our objective is to obtain the best possible buyer for your practice. Feel good about referring your patients and  receive full fair market value for your practice.
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Practice Appraisal
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Our experience with over 350 transactions allows us to best quantify and qualify the many unique characteristics of each practice to assess the full fair market value.
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Practices for Sale
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Our best-in-class service to each and every customer combined with highly selective listing processes are just two of the reasons we have such a high closing success rate.
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