Illinois (3 opportunities)

1.  North of Bloomington/Normal. Beautiful 2,500 sq ft office, fully equipped including digital x-ray. $1,950/month rent. Div./Act./Cox/Drop, also M.T., rehab. Asking only $85,000. Associate-to-own considered.

2.  Arlington Heights. Practice located in upscale desirable area. 1,550 sq. ft. attractive office, fully furnished. Skilled staff in place including office manager and massage therapist. Gross $585,645.  $300,000+ doctor income!

3.  West Chicagoland. Batavia/Geneva area. $501,128 gross. Established 23 yrs. Div./FD/ Drop/AK/Act. also M.T., rehab.Fully equipped. Attractive professional building, lease or buy. Located on major thoroughfare.

North of Council Bluffs.  Fully equipped office. Established 12 years with highly stable income. Skilled C.A. in place. Div./Cox, therapies. $147,730 gross. Low overhead. $600/mo rent. Asking only $75,000. Financing available.

Minnesota (7 opportunities)

1. Twin Cities south suburbs. Practice for sale in high demand south suburb on I-35. Cash practice with low overhead $3,100 per month. Located in 1st floor attractive professional building. Well established 11 years. Asking only $55,000 including the practice, equipment and furnishings, and seller transition assistance. Financing available.

2. Moorhead. Practice for sale in popular location. Established 6 years. Div./Act., also therapies. Staff in place including C.A. and M.T.  Nicely furnished and equipped. Asking only $85,000 including accounts receivable and seller assistance with transition.

3. Anoka. Established practice for sale, well located. Climbing revenues, low overhead. Div./Drop/Act. also therapies. Asking only $108,000 including practice, equipment, accounts receivable, and transition assistance.

4. Minneapolis southwest suburb. Established practice for sale. Chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy. Skilled staff in place. Excellent payor mix. $237,565 gross in six months 2018, 

5. Mankato area. Solid 31 year established practice. Div./Drop, also instrument based techniques. Fully furnished and equipped office. $307,170 gross, very low overhead. Skilled staff. Asking $235,000. Ideally located on corner in attractive professional building, available to lease or buy. 

6. Stillwater area. Picturesque river city. Doctor retiring after 41 years. Div./Act., therapies. Fully equipped and furnished office. Excellent payor mix. Sale includes 1,700 sq ft. building assessed value $192,500. Asking only $250,000 including practice, land, building, equipment, accounts receivables, and seller transition assistance for smooth transition. Excellent financing available.

7. Mendota Heights. Excellent opportunity. Substantial new development surrounding area. Exceptional lease location with high visibility, easy access, ample parking, low rent. Priced for immediate sale at only $18,000 due to seller's limited hours.

Solid cash practice for sale 90 miles east of Kansas City in Sedalia. Div./Act. and therapies. Kats Management system in place. Fully equipped. 630 patient visits/month. $305,872 gross. Poised for additional growth. Very low overhead. Skilled C.A. Priced to sell.  Seller financing available. Also associate-to-own considered.

Nebraska (2 opportunities) 
1. Kearney area. Diversified, therapies. Steady family referral practice. 50% cash, 50% insurance mix. Gross $145,709. Net $72,735. Doctor retiring. Asking only $95,000. Financing available.

2. Lincoln. Prime location. 631 patient visits/month. Very profitable, steady income. Full spine adjusting, CBP, rehab. Skilled staff. Asking $315,000 including fully equipped office, accounts receivable, and seller assistance for smooth transition. Excellent financing.

North Dakota 
Fargo/Moorhead. Well established practice for sale. Div./Act., also therapies. Skilled staff in place including C.A. and M.T.  Fully furnished and equipped. Asking only $85,000 including accounts receivable and seller transition assistance. Financing available. 

South Dakota (3 opportunities)

1. Well established family practice for sale offering quality lifestyle in prosperous city south of Sioux Falls on I-29. Gross $286,588 + rental income. Located in new, attractive professional building with high visibility. Steady referrals and growing! Excellent financing available.

2. Northwest of Sioux Falls in Howard. Part-time practice, full-time demand! Established high profit margin practice. Instrument and manual adjusting. Currently operating only 10 hours per week/50+ pv/week. Exceptionally low overhead. $600/mo. rent. Attractive office building, lease or buy. Fully equipped. Priced for immediate sale. Excellent financing.

3. Watertown-Brookings area. Solid practice providing steady income, only 25 hours per week. Established since 1984. Fully equipped. Located in attractive 1,600 sq. ft. office. Diversified & therapies. Excellent opportunity priced at only $50,000 including practice, equipment, accounts receivable, and seller transition assistance!

Wisconsin (2 opportunities)

1. Beloit.  Fully equipped office with exceptional lease location.7 yr old x-ray. Diversified and instrument adjusting, and therapies. 1,700 sq. ft. office with ample parking. Established 43 years. Doctor must sell due to health. Priced for immediate sale at only $22,000. 

2. One hour north of Hudson. Vibrant community on Hwy 35. Established 20 yrs. Located in attractive 1,456 sq ft professional bldg on prime corner. Fully equipped. Exceptionally low overhead. Practice & bldg priced to sell at only $164,900. Excellent financing available.

Expert Guidance
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Understanding Needs
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