Practice Sale Process Components
Selling a practice is a complex transaction, and Practice Opportunities will save you valuable time while meeting your financial goals. There are several key components that must be handled with careful execution to ensure a smooth transaction.

1. Practice appraisal.
Establishing the "fair market value" is the first step in our process.


We utilize several different methods within the framework of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  However, establishing this value is not all textbook - each practice has unique characteristics that must be taken into consideration.

2. Marketing your for-sale practice.
Our reputation in the chiropractic profession is our largest marketing tool.


Get maximum exposure with our unique marketing techniques: 

  • Referrals from former clients and other industry professionals
  • Our extensive buyer database filled with interested buyers
  • Advertising with discreet ads in pertinent chiropractic publications
  • Targeted direct mail to chiropractors


All our buyer location procedures are discreet and confidential.
Employees, patients, and other doctors need not be aware that your practice is for sale.

3. Interfacing Between You, the Seller, and Prospective Buyers
We are able to provide you with the proper interfacing with potential buyers and help you avoid the many pitfalls that often lead to missed opportunities.


In order to find a buyer you feel good about, we go to great lengths in our preliminary candidate interviews to determine personality fit with your practice, business interests, and financial capabilities.

4. Contracts and Transaction Structuring
Let us remove the guesswork for you.


We've executed enough contracts through the years to understand what sellers need to get out of the sale, and what buyers expect.  Our closing success rate means both buyers and sellers feel Practice Opportunities can broker an equitable transaction.

5. Buyer Financing Assistance
Lenders trust Practice Opportunities to help qualify potential buyers, and we have a large network of able and willing lenders to help get your practice sale funded.


We're widely known for our creative problem solving skills when it comes to structuring the sale and financing -- a valuable service that we alone have to offer.


The Right Fit
"...outstanding job in selling my practice... buyer connections and expertise produced the buyer who was a right fit for my patients and community...the buyer paid full price, and with a complete cash-out." 
Meeting Timelines
"I gave you a challenge with the timeline... to find a buyer for my practice and you came through! Not only did you find a financially well qualified buyer but a buyer with whom I had great confidence would take great care of the patients that I truly loved to serve."
"Your knowledge of chiropractic and your experience in working with chiropractors are far superior to that of any other practice brokers I interviewed. Your tact, optimism, and creativity along the way were very helpful in negotiating with my buyer and his attorneys."